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There are many benefits when it comes to using spray foam roofing application, it was even used on the Super Dome, which is located in New Orleans, after hurricane Katrina. Spray foam offers superior compressive strength, self-flashing, durable, lightweight and long lasting. Additional benefits include:

  • Spray foam is cheaper to install and more lightweight than other roofing alternatives.
  • Spray foam can be installed and applied quickly and is long lasting.
  • Can lower the cost of heating and cooling bills. Reduced heating and a/c stress means longer HVAC component lifespan.
  • Also lowers the cost of air conditioning as the spray foam reflects UV rays.
  • Improves the roof's resistance to the uplift of wind and potential hail damage.
  • Spray foam is watertight and also seamless and adds rigidity to the building.

Spray foam is very versatile when it comes being installed on new roofs as well as re roofing a current building. Whether flat, pitched, metal, domed, concrete, wood, etc, spray foam can be applied to all kinds of roofs. Even if the roof has irregular shapes or penetrations. There's also no need to remove old roofing as spray foam can be applied over an existing roofing; Saving customers the cost of costly services to tear of their old roof.

Spray foam's self-flashing capability allows it to conform to whatever surface it's being applied to, which makes it an ideal roofing application for roof penetrations, flashing parapet walls, mounting roof equipment, pipes, skylights, vent stacks, etc. This very capability allows the spray foam to eliminate roof leaks that can be caused by potentially faulty flashing.

Spray foam is water and air tight with a three pound density to resist penetration of air and water while also stopping leaks and is completely weather resistant. The seamless three pound density layer remains full adhered to the substrate regardless of whether it's vertical or horizontal.

Customers get superior insulating efficiency when they chose spray foam roofing application. The spray polyurethane foam is the most efficient thermal barrier foam that's currently available and can pay for itself in the long run through energy savings.

The safe foam roofing application is seamless, meaning it has no joints or seams that will allow heat, air, or water to enter through the roofing system. Even on big building and homes with large roofing sizes, there will be absolutely no seams.

Spray foam minimizes ponding water by sloping the existing roof which allows ponding water to be redirected towards drains by adding an additional thickness to low areas. This is done by installing the spray foam roofing application in a way that satisfies the different needs of each customer by specially designing the roof to each individual client.

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