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In studies conducted by the U.S Department of Energy, it was shown 40% of the energy in the home escapes through windows, cracks, holes, and worn molding. With over 56% of the energy in your home consisting of the heating and cooling, you can understand why spray foam insulation is becoming the popular choice of homeowners. It will completely seal all of those areas where the air escapes. This will help to reduce the need of your heating and cooling systems running all day in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. You can easily expect to recover the cost of your spray foam insulation within five years.


Comparing Materials

Unlike traditional rolled insulation that sags and sinks in your attic, the spray foam insulation actually conforms to the shape of the cavity it is sprayed into forming a tight seal. Traditional insulation will move over time, unlike spray foam that stays adhered to the surface it has been sprayed upon. That rolled insulation can never be properly wrapped around plumbing, electrical, and framing components. Those small gaps can lower the R-value of the insulation by up to 40%. The R-value of spray foam remains the same from the day it was applied.

The Benefits to the Builder

Applying spray foam in between the studs when the home is being built will meet water and air vapor permeance, and R-value requirements. The spray foam allows the builder to choose a HVAC system that does not have such high requirements because it will be running less to maintain the homes temperature. The smaller HVAC system will allow the builder to use smaller rafters and studs. The strength of the wall racking increases as a result of the spray foam in between the studs. Mold growth and moisture accumulation is unlikely with a spray foam insulation system.

The New Standard in Insulation

Homeowners today are quickly realizing all the added benefits to having a spray foam insulation system in their home. In addition to it strengthening the home and reducing the chance of dangerous mold growing in the walls, the reduction in home heating and cooling bills appeals to many who are looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious. Spray foam has become a leader in the insulation industry because savvy homeowners recognize that the results simply speak for themselves.

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